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The Prison Systems Review (formerly Przegląd Więziennictwa Polskiego) is a scientific peer review quarterly, using the COPE standards, located in the area of social sciences, devoted to issues related to the functioning of the Polish penitentiary system and penitentiary systems of other countries.

The mission of The Prison Systems Review is to dissamninate studies which constitute the scientific basis of prison service activities and supporting a development of penitentiary systems and criminal policy.

The Prison Systems Review makes a sigificant contribution to the development of these scientific discipline, which cover the issues of crime in the scope of their investigation, the functioning of criminal policy, penitentiary systems and post-penitentiary care, especially in pedagogy, psychology, sociology, legal sciences, security sciences, management sciences and history.

The Prison Systems Review initiates a discussion on the reform of criminal law, executive criminal law and other provicions regarding the functioning of the penitentiary system and the execution of imprisonment.

The Prison Systems Review contributes to the development of potentials and competencies of prison officers and employees as well as judges, curators, social workers and represantatives of other professions implementing penal policies in Poland and in the world.

The Prison Systems Review provides scientific support for the reform of penitentiary systems.

The Prison Systems Review disseminates knowledge in the history and tradition of penitentiary systems.

The original (refrence) version of the Prison Systems Review is the electronic version.

All interested are invited to read, and potential authors to submit their work for the Prison Systems  Review.