2019, Volume 103, Issue 2

Job crafting and work meaning in penal institutions as the conditions of the vocational well-being among prison officers

Bohdan Rożnowski 1, Justyna Nowicka 2
1Katedra Psychologii Organizacji i Zarządzania KUL
2doktorantka KUL w Lublinie, Areszt Śledczy w Lublinie

Author for correspondence: Justyna Nowicka ; doktorantka KUL w Lublinie, Areszt Śledczy w Lublinie; email:

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Summary (original language)

The objective of this paper is to broaden the knowledge of the selected conditions and outcomes of job crafting among prison employees. Attention was drawn to the chosen subject (work meaning) and situation (job crafting) conditions of the employees’ well-being. Notwithstanding the presence of strict rules constituting the prison system functions,
 it was proved that the phenomenon of job crafting in this employee group exists as well as the practical implications of the impact exerted by the specific proactive behaviours among superiors and subordinates focused on their own job crafting or personal crafting.

Key words

job crafting, work meaning, employee well-being, prison system