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2022, Volume 114, Issue I

Selected elements of John Paul II’s teaching on the condemned − with particular emphasis on the issue of human work

Kazimierz Pierzchała1
1-, KUL JP II w Lublinie

Autor korenspondencyjny: Kazimierz Pierzchała; -, KUL JP II w Lublinie; email: -

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The article is an attempt to present John Paul II’s position on the issue of work, in the context of selected elements of the Pope’s teaching regarding the convicts. In the teachings of John Paul II, human work is understood as a universal value, through which all other values are created and functioned Man has always had to deal with work. Man „derives his own dignity” from work. Human labor has become an incentive for human fulfillment. It should multiply the state of working ownership. Work is „for man”,not man „for work”. Through work, man creates himself, becomes better. Work is and should be the improvement of the world, not its destruction. It is the duty and vocation of every person.

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