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2022, Volume 117, Issue IV

Perception of transdermal alcohol concentration monitoring system by polish prison officers

Beata Maria Nowak1, Sławomir Grzesiak1, Maja Zawadzka1
1-, Szkoła Wyższa Wymiaru Sprawiedliwości

DOI: 10.52694/ThPSR.117.4

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The presence of technologies monitoring some manifestations of human activity has become a permanent part of social life. In the case of the prison system, the employed technology usually find application in areas related to the security of the penitentiary unit and the personal security of the prison staff and detainees. Technological progress is providing more and more opportunities, including remote monitoring of alcohol concentration levels. The implementation of such solutions to the Polish prison system requires professional preparation of the penitentiary personnel. For the purposes of the research project entitled “Pilot of a program implementing the transdermal alcohol concentration monitoring system (TMSA) in prisoners who were granted a temporary permit to leave the penitentiary unit in connection with the undertaken external employment in the system without an escort or with a pass”, specialized training was conducted for officers of the Prison Service, during which prison officers’ readiness and openness to new solutions were also tested. The results of these explorations are described in the article. The identified attitudes of prison officers are a positive prognosis for the implementation of the TMSA technology to the Polish prison system.

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